Why you should consider using email marketing for your business

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that some business owners; both new and old are oblivious of. In case you are one of those that do not know about this ultimate marketing weapon, this article is dedicated to you and I am literally going to expand your knowledge on email marketing.

I want to show you why you need to start using this medium. It might be the missing piece your business needs to move to the next level.

After a survey, experts figured that about 70% of new business managers/owners were unaware of the full potential email marketing poses. Most of them hardly even knew anything about the medium, and were astonished by the possibilities of email marketing.

Email marketing as defined by Wikipedia is the act of sending commercial messages, typically to a group of people, using email. Every message sent to a potential or established customer via email can be considered as email marketing.

It usually involves sending adverts through emails to customers with the highest probability of buying the product. Unlike other mediums of reaching new customers by sending messages randomly, you can actually use email marketing to send targeted advertisements, upgrades and other crucial information to new and existing customers.


Benefits of E-mail Marketing

Like I stated earlier, email marketing is unique for its ability to reach a targeted audience with a likelihood of converting them to customers, rather than just distributing bulk emails that will end up in people’s trash.

Many young adults have voted that they prefer receiving letters, updates and advertisements via email than popups on any site. Do you want to know a mind-blowing fact? Email marketing is 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined, especially when you are on a quest to get existing customers to buy new products, get incentives or see updates. Here are some highlights:


It Builds Customer Trust

People like to do business with someone they know and trust. Asides sending your customers a personalized content based on their interests, email marketing allows you to address people by their name and this is more direct than addressing them as “Dear Esteemed Customers”

Email marketing gives your brand the chance to convert leads or potential customers to sales by fostering of relationship.

For instance, a company that sells sneakers could use email listings of every customer that purchased sneakers to send them helpful contents on how to keep their new sneakers clean.

They can also choose to advertise sneakers’ wipes or a similar product, if they want to. This is the same for smartphone companies, insurance companies, car companies and many others. Online music streaming sites also use email listings of their customers to send updates on recent improvements, new releases and helpful contents.


You can generate calls for action

When used correctly, email marketing can be used to generate calls from people in your line of business. Let’s say you are a pet lover seeking donations from people to help find a new home for pets. If you do your homework properly, you should be able to filter the email address of people who actually have pets, had pests or actually care about pets.

This way, you can be sure that at least 60% of the people you reached out to will read the message to find out more about your call for action. I will take time to discuss different platforms you can use to perform this task later in this article.


It Makes Your Business Look Professional

Many big businesses that know the string of doors email marketing can open use the medium and exploit it to its full capacity. Your business will surely look more professional if you are able to execute email marketing very well. How? By reaching out to customers on a more personal note.

This simple act of email marketing makes your customers feel they are in a relationship with your brand and want to know everything going on. Email marketing grants you the opportunity to hold on to existing customers by reminding them that your business has services they might need. This feat is unlikely when you post this information on social media where everyone sees.

It Increases Traffic to Your Site

When it comes to backtracking clients, who are interested in your brand or service to your website, email marketing is a fortunate culprit with an almost 100% reputation for that particular effect.

A lot of people check their emails on a daily basis, and from that horde, more than 70% scroll through their emails more than three times a day. What this implies is, except your content was not well crafted, there is practically no way you won’t get at least 50% positive response from your dispatch.

One way to monitor this flux is through your website traffic. If your website traffic rockets, then you should be proud of yourself because you just succeeded in engaging your readers.


It is Budget Friendly

This is one of the major reasons why big businesses have turned to this medium for advertisements. Depending on how long you have operated in your industry, you should probably have an idea of how much the typical Tv ads cost or even radio ads. They can cripple small businesses financially, but the fact remains that you need people to know about your business. If you don’t put out advertisements, nobody will know your business even exists.

Email marketing is a cheaper and more effective means of reaching new and existing customers. When the words “cheaper” and “effective” are used in the same sentence, they should make your ears stand like a dog that just heard its name. On the other hand, an advert of a luxury watch placed on social media might reach a million people but only five hundred people might be able to afford such luxury. Hence, others will pay very little attention to your product.

This is quite different for email marketing. With email marketing; you can actually filter out your audience before you begin to distribute your advertisement. You will realise that scrutinizing your target audience will make more people willing to purchase your product. Without doubts, this is more productive than reaching a million people who don’t care about or cannot afford your product.


How To Use Email Marketing

When a man who has been crippled from birth, gets healed and starts to walk, he will feel great and probably be proud of himself for accomplishing something so wonderful. However, if this man has not practised well enough privately and decides to walk in busy areas, he could get hit by a vehicle, get crippled again or at worse, die as a result of the accident.

This is the same as telling a man about a better way of operating his business without actually telling him how to go about this method. So, here are some tips on how to use email marketing effectively.

Choose an email marketing provider

They are companies that offer email marketing, bulk message or email services. I have itemized some providers that are trusted with this service. They include;

Arrange Your Email list

After you have consulted your email provider, it is time to arrange you mailing list. This is where most of the work lies, because you are practically studying people prior to sending them adverts.

You can also add your personal contacts to this list to have a copy of what you sent to the recipients of your email. If you are having troubles arranging a mailing list, you can consult your provider to do that for you.


Work on Your persuasive Writing

Marketing is persuasion and persuasion is marketing. You need to learn the art of writing persuasive contents that will make receivers curious enough to click the link to your website. It is a skill you must learn if you want to get the best out of email marketing. Here are some of the eyes-catching statements you can use for your email subject.

  • This disappears in 2 hours
  • Are you really coming?
  • You’re Missing out on this!
  • How I went from N0 to N1,000,000 in just 5 days
  • Only Smart Entrepreneurs Do This
  • Everything you missed this week…


Test Before Running

You have to test your mail marketing before going forward to execute it. This is only if you want a positive feedback and a tangible result. I’m sure you want that.


In conclusion, businesses are spending more on social media marketing without any clue that email marketing is a far better option. I have seen small businesses that have barely any footing in their respective industries; part with large sums to promote their social media posts to reach a larger crowd. They keep sailing down this road when they could have done the same thing more effectively for far less, using email marketing rather than just trying to reach random people who probably have no interest in their services or products.


Do you need help in setting up an email marketing platform for your business or do you want me to help your business achieve more online? Contact me and I’ll be willing to help.

Damilola Adeleke

Damilola Adeleke

He is the founder of thedamlek.com. He is popularly called in the digital marketing space as "damlek the strategist". He is a web developer and a digital marketing consultant. An entrepreneur and a innovator. He likes to try out new things and also likes to grow new viable business.

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