why you need a website for your business

Why you should have a website for your business

It’s a digital age and every business is looking for better ways to get the best of this age. Gone are the days of traditional media, where we had TV, billboards, fliers etc. Creating that buzz for your business has taken a new turn and only those on this boat will sail along.

I have had the opportunity to speak to several people as regards the need to build a website, but most times I keep getting the same response;

“Why should I build a website?”

“I don’t think I need it, I am already making money.”

“I don’t have time for these techy things you people do.”

“Building a website is too expensive.”

This is why I have decided to write this article to help your understanding of the need for a website.  Before I go on, it is important you know what a website really is.


What is a website?

According to Wikipedia

website[1] or Web site is a collection of related network web resources, such as web pagesmultimedia content, which are typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. Notable examples are wikipedia.orggoogle.com, and amazon.com.


That’s quite some definition right there.

Here is what I think;

Websites are a collection of tiny, bits of information that are stored in a space so small the eye cannot see it. You would need a very special microscope to find them and even if you do, a single website’s weight would amount to nothing. Lighter than the air it sits on.

Oops! There we go with another definition.

Well, not to bore you with many website definitions.


I would like to ask you a simple question;  “Why are you in business?”

The reason for being in business differs from person to person, organization to organization. Some are in business to help humanity, to create a solution to a problem, or make profit. Now whatever your reasons are for starting that business of yours, creating a website would actually help you achieve that. Do you have a service or product which you want to get to the right people who need them or maybe you are a non-governmental organization helping the less privileged and need more funding or sponsors? Name it. You can be close to that desire of yours by setting up a website.


Here is the point I am trying to make. Looking away from the definitions and the complexities many have submitted.

The point of having your own website is to help you solve a particular problem.


Why then should you build a website?

Here is my advice. Don’t just build a website because everyone is asking you to. Websites are supposed to help you achieve a goal. Before you engage in building that website you must ask yourself, why am I building a website? What do I want to achieve with it? Don’t just go ahead and build a website. I must also tell you, if you don’t have a website as a business owner in 2019, you might be missing out on some great opportunities.

It is true that having a website in this age is key to every business but not knowing why you need a website and what it could do is as good as not having one.


Websites are a medium

Websites connect ideas, people, economies, nations, knowledge and power at a scale never before seen or understood by the human race. Having a website provides you with the rare opportunity to disseminate information to over 2 billion people and get a small fraction of them to do something of value.


The reason why you build a website is TO DO SOMETHING

That something is what is often referred to as the goal of your website. That goal of your website could be any of the following:

  • To connect
  • watch
  • listen
  • register
  • engage
  • donate
  • buy
  • renew or

To do something of value

As a business owner, understanding this in 2019, is the beginning of success in this digital age. This therefore means that, whoever you employ to help you build your website must understand the goal you want to achieve and help you achieve it in the website design & development process. When your goal is clear, you can know what you are paying for and be sure to get returns on your investments.

Your website in like your online office space that is open 24/7. In other to get people into the office space, then awareness must be created to be the right kind of people to your brick and mortar office. In the online space, the same approach is required but has to be done in a much more strategic way.

I must say here, just building a website will not help you achieve your business goal whatever it is but not having a website is worse of.


What should I now do? 

Don’t forget why you want to build a website for your business. That’s what you must focus on in all that should be incorporated for the project to be a success. For your website to achieve its goal, so many consideration has to be in place.

Beyond just building a website, many has agreed to wrap the value of web design, development, and internet marketing around a handful of commoditized terms like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay-Per Click), Email Marketing, SMM (Social Media Marketing), Social conversion, traffic and so on.

This is why defining your website goal is the key factor that makes it successful. When the website goal is known, all considerations will be put in place to ensure the goal is achieved.


When hiring a web designer or developer, don’t just hire them to build a website for you but hire them to help you get your desired result. This will mean other services will be incorporated to achieve that. So don’t think going ahead to build a free website will get the job done. This might not be perfect for you if you are ready for really business growth. Helping a business get more customers will never be free. These are hard services to buy (they can be complex and might need some level of expertise to be done), that is why hiring the right company is key.


I don’t know if you have realized that “I just need a website for my business” is good for your growth. People might do it because they need your money, but the truth is just a website is useless. Stop buying or building websites. Build, buy a value proposition that can’t be commoditize. Build or buy something so valuable.


Do you have a great product to sell or service you want to offer? there are many people out there who need it and are willing to pay their last penny on a quality product or service. It will mean also that you need to build a website coupled with the right digital service that will help you achieve your business goal.

Damilola Adeleke

Damilola Adeleke

He is the founder of thedamlek.com. He is popularly called in the digital marketing space as "damlek the strategist". He is a web developer and a digital marketing consultant. An entrepreneur and a innovator. He likes to try out new things and also likes to grow new viable business.

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