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Best SEO plugins for wordpress you should have

Owning a WordPress website or having killer content on your site isn’t all it takes to attract traffic. In as much as it should be, reality demands that it shouldn’t all.

There may be an existing audience waiting for the launch of your website, but don’t tell me your goals only revolves around those audiences. 

As a website owner, your content is meant to be passed across to people all over the world and not limited to a group of audiences.

So, how do you do this? How do you get those audiences to know the existence of your amazing website? How do you attract that traffic?

Search engine optimization (SEO) that offers you tools and features to optimize your website is the answer to your website’s prayers. When the majority of the internet users, which includes you, inputs a keyword or phrase into a search engine, they really do not scroll past the first three results before settling on a site to click.  An SEO plugin is what gets your site up there for the majority to notice.

Easy as it may sound, the case isn’t so. There are countless numbers of SEO plugins and while no such thing as an explicit list of the best SEO plugins for WordPress exists, there are a decent number of plugins that, when utilized, can index your site to search engine users.

So, are you ready for the start of something great? I guess your answer is YES!

1. Yoast SEO

Deserving the most widely used plugin, this SEO plugin, when installed, offers almost everything needed to build a successful website. Its SERP preview tool lets you visualize how your website will appear in the search results and its advanced XML sitemap functionality sectionalizes your topics.

Yoast SEO collects data about your content’s keyword and boosts your site by attracting internet users using related keywords. This data collected about your content is made available in multiple languages. In addition to this, it manually inserts key phrases into your text.

As if boosting your site is not enough, it gives a report of what your page is about to platforms like Google and Pinterest to enhance search results, monitors contents that require updating, sets your title, descriptions, and images to fit search results, conducts readability tests, optimizes your keyword, analyzes your text and suggests related links and post.

Why it is best for your website – Installing a Yoast SEO plugin is no different from having a dutiful secretary who takes the burden off your shoulders. With Yoast, one thing is sure – you are on the right path.

2. Rank Math

Building a successful WordPress website is no different from building an empire. There are lots of plans to be cancelled and lots of plans to be amended but one thing is sure – all efforts need to be put in place and the Rank Math plugin understands that.

A reason why it is that perfect SEO tool that comes with everything is its combination of anything needed to build a web empire.

The Rank Math, with an easy-to-understand interface, applies an SEO analysis tool based on several factors on each one of your blog posts to equip your site with the best. It optimizes your title while also providing you with a SERP preview and guess what? It is speed optimized. I guess all empires need speed to be built.

With a goal of keeping you at the top of search results, Rank Mark is integrated with Google Search Console and keyword ranking tools to keep you from the reach of competitors.

Added functions include Image SEO, open graph, rich snippet, Twitter card support, XML sitemaps, redirection, unlimited keyword support, Breadcrumbs optimization, 404 monitoring, and a lot more. As a one-person team, this SEO plugin is what you need.

3. All In One SEO

Often compared to Yoast SEO, this WordPress Plugin is described as the best WordPress SEO plugin and although it offers a service similar to Yoast, it possesses its strong points.

The setup and installation procedures, dynamic tags in title and description, XML sitemaps control, Ecommerce Support, and pricing of All in One SEO gives it an edge advantage over Yoast SEO. 

SEO custom user roles, audit checklist, XML sitemaps, customer services, and four pricing plans are parts of its benefits. This SEO plugin develops and reports your sitemaps to Google and other popular search engines to enable a web presence for your site.

If you are a website owner running a small online business with tight budgets, this SEO plugin is the right one for you.

4. Ahref

Amongst the countless benefits it offers, one of which is exceptional is its functionality which provides data on keywords driving traffic, competitor’s marketing, content strategy, and everything needed to boost your site.

Using keywords from your site, the Ahref plugin gives the ability to view search traffic and the page with the highest traffic.

Its content explorer tool investigates and provides you updates on well-performing content that are related to your niche.

With this SEO plugin, a better understanding of your market will be revealed to you to enable you to create better content. Added features include site auditing, website comparison, updates on new and old keywords or phrases.

Search engine optimization isn’t necessarily about compressing the right number of keywords in your website’s post and it’s definitely not all about making your content readable. There’s more to SEO.

The competition is getting high, a way to get your website in the top five search results is to fix the broken links in your content.

Google when recommending content to a user will conduct a test for websites with the best user experience and a website with one or more broken links will definitely not make it up the charts.

Linking and redirecting posts to another page is what most website owners do. This provides sufficient information to visitors and gives them a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Linking and redirection is a powerful strategy to retain site visitors but this could be a case of “plan-gone-wrong” if the linked sites are broken.

Broken Link checker, a WordPress plugin, provides effective tools that constantly monitor every linked page and give updates. 

Why it is needed in your webpage:- Internet users search for information on the internet and also search for credibility, assurance, and satisfaction. Clicking on a link in your site and getting redirected to a broken site will leave a sour feeling in the minds of your visitors.

Broken Link Checker notifies you of a broken link and when amended, improves the outlook of your website to Google which will, in turn, fix your website in the hot charts.

6. W3 Total Cache

Search engines are loyal to internet users and will do everything possible to keep them satisfied. One of its jobs is to set sites with amazing user experience at the top and one way to see to it that internet users have the best experience with your site is to make it load fast.

One of the most frustrating experiences to have as an internet user is clicking on a site and watching it load slowly. As a website owner, this awful experience isn’t what you should let your visitors sit through. Fortunately, there exists a WordPress SEO plugin that prevents your audience from tagging your site as “frustrating”.

W3 Total Cache gives your page visitors the best experience by enhancing your server performance. The loading speed of your site determines the success of your webpage.

W3 Total Cache, by caching your webpage, delivers an integrated content delivery network (CDN) and curtails user download times which sets your webpage apart from the rest.

Page caching and object caching are what give your visitors the best experience which will push your site to the top. Why its best for your webpage?

This plugin boosts the overall performance of a site and improves the loading speed of your site.

In conclusion, amongst the countless number of SEO plugins, here are the best SEO plugins you must have to drive your website to the path of success.

While you will be provided with the best SEO plugin to employ for your WordPress website, a summation of what a good number of these plugins will do to your website are amazing and you would not want to miss out. Use them right away.

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