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What Is Organic Result in SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is a technique used to maximize traffic to your site and get your website ranked in major search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc.

An organic result in SEO refers to results or lists the search engine displays when searched. These search results use several complicated algorithms to figure out which pages they will display in a search. The algorithms recognize different ranking factors when they deliver results to someone searching for something on the web.

Organic results typically appear in the center of the page and are the results the search engine decides are the best match for the typed words. This is called the search query. 

Results pages will also display advertisements or paid results, though separate and labelled as ads. Organic results and ads appear on the same page, but there is one big difference: you pay to appear on paid ads, but there is no cost to appear in the organic results. 

So, if you want to improve your website’s chances of appearing in the unpaid results, it all comes down to getting yourself to appear in the organic search results through SEO.

Read on to know all there is to know about organic search results in SEO.

How To Appear and Rank High in Organic Results? 

You can think of it this way – the search engine’s primary goal is to help people find what they are looking for. You are in pretty good shape if you can help the search engine decide that your website is what people are searching for. 

If you are improving your website to make sure it appears in organic results, then search engine optimization, or SEO is what you are doing. A good SEO involves helping a search engine to understand your website. 

Most people, when searching for certain keywords, do not go past the first page. So let us look at the main factor that can help your business appear in the top-ranking spots called organic results.

1. Good Relevant Content

Let us take your new coffee-flavoured pizza, for example. Think about what exactly your pizza restaurant’s potential customers might be searching. If they want a pizza with coffee toppings, they might search for the word coffee. However, that is a pretty broad search, and it could also mean the searcher is looking for actual coffee, an image, or even the history of coffee. 

So, for you to appear on searches for “pizza with coffee toppings” in your area, try to create relevant original content to reinforce this. You could focus on how your pizzas are made from scratch at your location or focus on how you can deliver the pizza to certain areas. 

This can help your website appear on searches for a pizza restaurant or related searches like “best pizza with coffee toppings in the Victoria Island” or “readymade pizza with coffee topping for pick up now”. 

2. Know how people search for things on search engines

The following three main terms determine how people search for businesses on search engines.

1. Navigational

These are the types of search terms you type in when trying to navigate a specific website. For example, typing “domino’s pizza delivery” shows you are looking for a restaurant to order food. Navigational means the searcher specifically knows what they are searching, and the search is quite specific.

2. Informational 

These are the types of search terms you use when trying to gather knowledge or conduct research. For example, when you type “how to optimize my business on search engines.”

3. Transactional

These type of search terms are typed when trying to take a commercial action. For example, if you want to buy a new pair of jeans, and you will likely type “Nike jeans”.

Understanding these terms will help you understand how search engine works when people search for things online. This will also guide you when creating content for your business to be found.


There are many other factors search engines use to generate organic results and determine if a web page will appear in the top results of a search, some of which are more complicated. However, showing up in organic results is a great way to help customers find you, and it will not cost you a thing. All you must do is make sure your content is relevant to the people searching, so that they can click to learn more. 

It is important to also note that a user’s journey on search engines begins with a keyword search. So, it is important you pick your keywords wisely to ensure that your potential customers will eventually see and buy your products. 

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