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Why Is Digital Marketing Important

Digital marketing is a very wide concept but to keep this extremely simple, you can say, digital marketing is the process or activity of using online tools or platforms to advertise your business, brand, products, or services online. 

For example, rather than using traditional advertising methods like radio, newspaper, television, and billboards, you can take advantage of the digital marketing tools and strategies available online. These include social media, video marketing, content marketing, Google search or Google search engine marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization. 

This important shift in marketing has been happening over the last few years and companies and small businesses have reduced the amount they invest into traditional advertising activities to leverage the growing activities of digital marketing. 

4 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important

The importance of digital marketing cannot be over-emphasized. Here are four good reasons that will give you a good insight into the importance of digital marketing:

1. Vast Reach:

So many people in the world use the internet daily. Digital marketing makes it easy to reach out to a lot of them with little cost. It makes your business easy to find online and puts you in the right place at the right time.

2. Interaction With Your Customers:

Unlike traditional marketing where communication is just one way which is from you to the customer, digital marketing is so important because it allows feedback from your customers through their likes and comments on your social media page. 

You can also know when people are in the buying process of your product from the awareness stage. Digital marketing is so important that it shows you where customers are looking for answers to general questions like “how do I change my car oil?” to content like “the best oil to purchase” which you probably sell. 

3. Data:

Data can help you adjust your campaign for maximum effectiveness. You may have to learn this skill in other to utilize most of the digital marketing data. Digital marketing can help you take advantage of the data from each of your campaigns. 

For example, from the research stage, you should use tools to find the right keywords to understand your competitors’ data. This will help you to execute the best action plan. It will also help you to know how many people are buying or not and how many people are looking at your social posts. Such data helps you make informed decisions that would take your business to the next level. 

4. Budget-Friendly:

Compared to the cost of traditional advertising, digital marketing is cheaper.  Small businesses and individuals benefit a lot from this. With a little amount of money, you can purchase data and have access to the world. 

To work on your budget, you can choose bidding strategies based on your campaign goals which, in turn, helps you to choose the best results for your business. With platforms like Google Ads, you can use smart bidding to automate the bidding process. Depending on how much data your account has, you can choose options like target cost per action, target return on ad spent, or maximize conversions.

The internet marketing umbrella is huge and even though you may not take advantage of every aspect, you should at least do some form of digital marketing for your business. It’s proven to drive business growth and generate some revenue.

Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy

Over the years, a very good number of business owners, and companies, have come to understand the benefits of digital marketing. Creating awareness in the last few years has gone beyond orally convincing potential customers. That’s a lot of stress. 

It’s now possible to sit from the comfort of your office or business site and have your products or services being advertised to a large number of people through their smartphones, personal computers, tablets, etc. 

How? Ads on frequently visited apps by potential customers do the magic. 

I’m guessing you like the sound of that already? That’s exactly the edge that every company or business has gotten over yours that has got you wondering all this while. As adverts are made, potential customers are being captivated by what they see. Without even knowing much about the products, they are influenced to go for such products whenever they can. 

An additional customer already, right? I’m pretty sure you know the outcome is an increase in profit. One customer here and there leads to a hundred and even more. Are you already thrilled and want to know more about the benefits of digital marketing strategy? Let’s dive in!

Benefits Of Digital Marketing Strategy

Amongst others, here are some of the benefits you would be gaining from a digital marketing strategy: 

1. Increases Your Reach: 

You’re probably not happy with the turnout of your business at the moment. Experiencing even a slight decrease in the number of customers isn’t a good thing to go through. However, digital marketing now helps you to reach out to your target audience/customers through their phones or laptops, etc. 

For each time an advert is made, a customer has been added to the list. Apps like Instagram or Facebook will help you to display your ads to people who may be interested in your products, or are in need of your services. With very little stress, you’ve will be able to get customers to yourself through digital marketing.

2. Gives You A Clearer Direction: 

Digital marketing helps you to map out strategic plans and work within the limits of the set plans. Mind you, having a knowledge of digital marketing is one thing,  understanding how it really works in order to grow your business is another. You do not want to just invest a lot of money advertising your business without seeing a positive result. That would definitely be heart-breaking and I seriously don’t want that for you. 

Hence, you must have a well-defined plan, understand the class, age group, location, and interest of your potential customers. This will help you to know the perfect ads to run to captivate them. With all of these put in place, you will have a good knowledge of how to sell, experiment, and run a successful online campaign. Rest assured to experience a boom in your business. 

3. Helps You To Know Your Audience Better: 

Another benefit of a digital marketing strategy is that it helps you, as a businessman, to know your audience. Gather some facts about them, get acquainted with them, and building a company-customer relationship. This may, of course, take some time but will definitely earn you some credibility that will place you above others.

4. Helps You To Retain Customers:

You may be wondering why the world-known businesses are still being advertised, despite the fact that they have recorded an extraordinary number of customers patronizing them.

If they’ve made so much name that almost every single person knows about them, why still go the extra mile to create awareness about their business? These and even more questions might have gone through your mind at one point or the other. 

Well, the answer is not far-fetched. The sole purpose of starting any business is to make a profit, isn’t it? Of course, that’s it. An increase in the profit will only be possible if there’s an increase in customers or consumers are consistently loyal.

Because of the level of trust, customers can now make you their all-time supplier. Research has shown that an average of 89% of customers can be retained because of these strong omnichannel customer engagement strategies.


We live in a digital world which means internet marketing is now more important for businesses more than ever. If your business doesn’t have an online presence and a digital marketing strategy, you are missing out on priceless interactions your business could have with potential customers, and losing them to your competitors.

The listed benefits of digital marketing strategy are, without doubt, worth the while. Maximize how much your business or company gets to be advertised through digital channels, email, and mobile apps. Give it a trial ASAP!

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