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11 Super Ways to Write Great Content for Your Blog

Are you thinking of starting a blog? Or maybe you just started or you have been running your blog for a while and you are wondering how you can write great content for your blog? 

Every blogger wants their blog to bring in a lot of traffic, and I am sure you know, by now, that a good write-up is paramount to the success of your blog. Writing great content for your blog increases traffic to your site and patronage. 

So, let’s dive right into it and find out how you can achieve writing great content for your blog. I mean the kind of content that is guaranteed to give your blog that success you desire. 

Below are the steps or guidelines for you to follow. These steps will guide you in writing great content for your blog and take it from just an average blog to a successful blog.

1. Know your audience and write for your audience

You must know who you are writing for. Your audience should influence the type of content you are writing. For example, your blog may be centered on events that concern certain topics. It may be that your content is about the latest phones released, sports, fashion & lifestyle, current affairs, etc. 

Depending on what your blog is about, you already have an idea of the type of people coming to read it. Whether they are sports fans or individuals who like being updated on current affairs, you should align your topics or content to match with their interests.

2. Eye-catching headlines

There is a lot of content on the internet, so having an eye-catching headline is paramount to writing great content. Imagine you are going fishing, and your headline is the bait you are using to catch your fish. You want your bait to be as visible and enticing as possible in the water. You need to captivate your readers with compelling headlines. When your readers come across your headlines, it should stir up their emotions and they should be moved to find out more. Your headline is your selling point. It is your first point of contact with your readers. It makes all the difference between clicking on your page or moving on to something else. Let it pull their interest.

3. Make your introduction interesting

You have caught your readers’ interest with your eye-catching and compelling headline. Your intro is like the fishing rod you are using to reel in the fish you caught. In other words, they have bitten your bait. Now, it’s time to reel them in. 

If it’s not strong enough, it will break and your catch will escape. That means your intro is what makes your readers stick around and what will make them want to go further. To make an interesting intro, it is necessary that you dive right into the topic of discussion instead of beating around the bush.

4. Make use of subheadings, paragraphs, bullet points ot numbering

Use subheadings, paragraphs, and numberings to write great content for your blog. You don’t want your readers bored when reading your article on your blog, and if your article is just one long paragraph you will likely bore them. Most readers just want to skim through content first to decide if it’s what they are actually looking for.  

So, you want to make it as easy as possible for your readers to scan through and understand your content. When you make use of subheadings, paragraphs, numberings, and bullet points, you break down your article and make it easier for your readers to digest your content.

5. Engaging Content

You have written a compelling headline, an interesting intro, and your work has been laid out clearly with good paragraphing, numbering, or bullet points, the next thing you want to do is engage your readers. The best way to do it is to keep your choice of words simple. You want your readers to feel as though they are talking to someone directly. 

Try as much as possible to refrain from using complex words in your sentences. Make your sentences easy to read and understand. This increases the readability of your content.

6. Personalize your written content

Every human is unique, so why don’t you bring that uniqueness into your style of writing. This is what makes the big difference. It sets you apart from other bloggers and brings your writing to life, giving it that feel of a friend. You need to develop your personal style for engaging your readers. It could just be a catchy phrase you use before you start.

7. Use Images

Do you want to know the 7th super way to write great content for your blog? Use images! When you use images alongside your written content, you are making it easier for your readers to understand. It also helps with visual engagement. Images are easier for the brain to process than written texts.

In fact, what you may fail to explain with words can be done with images, so it is an added advantage when used.  It helps to shed more light on your topic of discussion. Using texts and images together further sheds more light on what your content is centered at first glance.

8. Provide accurate knowledge for your readers

Your content should provide knowledge for the reader on what he wants to know or increase his knowledge on what he already knows. So, you shouldn’t beat around the bush or divert from your topic. 

Your content should be precise. Hit the nail on the head and narrow down your article’s focus to the information the reader has come for. Do not deviate. This will ensure repeat visits from your readers.

9. Include trust factors

You already know by now that the internet is very large, so you can be sure there is a whole lot of content out there already covering the same topic you are covering. Hence, you have to make sure your content is trustworthy. Linking your content to authoritative sources like mainstream media, government accredited sites, and so on will make your content more credible. You could also get a high-profile authority to link to your content. It will make you and your written content seem more trustworthy in the eyes of your readers and may help your rank in organic searches. 

10. Call to action

This allows your readers to take action on your blog or site by asking them to share your post on their personal social media pages, leave a comment or maybe buy a product you are advertising to your readers. Always try to put yourself in your readers’ position so that you will know exactly what will motivate them to take action.

11. Optimize your SEO

SEO is very important to the success of your blog if you want to write great content for your blog. You need to make sure your blog is seen by a lot of people and attracts a lot of traffic. Having SEO-friendly content makes your content easily found by those looking for the exact information your blog has. Adding a focus keyword with the keywords in the title and meta description will further optimize your SEO.  You can also use the different SEO plugin applications available.

12. Be A Book Reader

A part of Francine Prose’s quote said “If we want to write, it makes sense to read—and to read like a writer.”
Hardly will you find a good writer who does not read good books. While books are divided into fiction and non-fiction categories, there are a number of genres you could choose from depending on the types of reading that satisfies your fancy, and the type of writer you would love to be, or you are.

Therefore, if you are looking for super ways to write outstanding content for your blog, you definitely want to make certain that a good part of your time is dedicated to reading different book types to grow your own knowledge and vocabulary even. Who knows… you could even get some mind-blowing blog content ideas from them.

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Knowing your audience, attracting them, and keeping them engaged are keys to writing great content for your blog. Follow these guidelines and you are guaranteed to have your readers hooked and succeed in blogging. You just need to ensure they keep coming back. Go write the best content ASAP!

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