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8 Super Ways To Get More Facebook Followers

Hey, it’s time your family members and friends stopped being the only ones following and liking your Facebook page. Facebook, being the king of social media, has, in recent statistics, about 2.8 billion monthly active users.

If that’s translated to the language you know, it translates to the undeniable fact that you are capable of accruing as many followers as you want on the Facebook social platform.

You want to get more Facebook followers? Of course, you can get them! The question is “how can you do it?” These super ways to get more Facebook followers will give you a feeling like “Oh that’s easy, I can do just that”. Ready? Let’s get these followers!

 1. Create And Post Amazing Contents

People won’t blink an eye at your page if you don’t make that awesome post that has been on your mind for decades. Truth is, your posts are what triggers people to follow your page.

An active Facebook user who is scrolling through Facebook will have to see your content in order to click on your bio and afterward decides to either follow you or roll their eyes in annoyance for the time wasted.

However, you can hook them with attention-grabbing content and make them scream for what they have missed when they scroll through the first five posts on your page.

2. Run Facebook Ads

It’s sometimes unavoidable! To get followers, you have to run Facebook adverts. Your content, with all the power it wields, won’t get to your audience without a means of exposure.

Facebook ads will do the job for you at an affordable rate. Facebook owns a considerable amount of personal data on each one of its billion users. The social media app is very familiar with what its active users want to see on their feeds.

So, paying them to run adverts on your page will enable them to create a bridge between you and your target audience. Taking your content directly to your audience through ads will bless you with insane engagements.

Run ads! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

3. Create A Professional Looking Bio

I want to click on your Facebook bio and see everything that will make me click the “FOLLOW” button. So, make me and the thousands who will click on your page fall madly in love with your page at first sight.

Feeling skeptical? Let’s do a little survey! “The most followed non-celebrity pages on Facebook all have one thing in common, and that’s a mind-blowing bio.

Think of a popular Facebook page you follow. If you take a look at their bio, you’ll discover that their pages give you a snippet of everything that interests you.” Give your Bio the charm it deserves and watch it bring followers to you.

4. Connect With An Influencer

This option works all the time. If you have always wished to get more Facebook followers after waking up from a good sleep, then try this. Reach out to an influencer who promotes content that is also in line with your page’s content. Speak to them about promoting your page. Do this and watch your engagement rate skyrocket.

5. Engage with Your Fan Base On The Daily

Don’t ignore the few loyal ones who follow you. Engage them! Although it’s frustrating seeing only a few followers after putting in so much effort to increase your fan base, don’t make the mistake of leaving them with no content however tempting it is.

The right content from you, will one day get to your little followers, who will gleefully consider the share option and boom! It becomes a viral post. You know exactly what happens to a post that goes viral, right?

6. Post “Shareable” and “Likeable” Contents

Most Facebook pages are hidden from the public due to a reason or two – this is usually done by the page creator. This Facebook setting allows for “No Shares” but since you aim to boost your followings rate, avoid settings like this.

Many are unaware of settings like this. To be on the safe side, review your page settings and make everything public! Yes, your page should be opened to the general public to “share” and “like”. There will be people who will come across your page with no intentions of following you.

They will like your page, and possibly share it on their wall. This behavior of theirs pushes your page to a wider audience. So, go and make the right setting options!

7. Host A Giveaway Activity

Inform your few followers about a giveaway activity and watch them tell a friend who will also tell a friend about your page. Don’t be surprised! Everyone loves giveaways and since they all love it, why don’t you gain followers who will stick to your page in hopes of another giveaway?

Your great content will gain their commitment anyways. It sounds like a cheat way and a super way but all in all, it’s a legal way to gain followers on the Facebook social media app.

8. Keep Up With New Social Media Trends

This is one of the super ways to get more Facebook followers. If possible, write the above on a sticker and paste it where you can see it! Never undermine the activity of keeping up with new social media trends.

It’s a great way to gain amazing followings from all age groups. It’s good that you want to stick to the aim of the page creation but, from time to time, share or post content that trends. If possible, tweak the trend in a way that suits your page’s niche. Doing this will earn you lots of shares and followers will be crazy about your page.


Phew! Getting tons of followers on Facebook seems like a job cut out for only professionals but the truth is, anyone can have large followings on the app by following the right steps and process. Don’t look at it like a job too impossible to do! Follow the tips above and see your dreams come true. Enjoy!

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