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5 Top Cheap Web Hosting in Nigeria

Are you new to web hosting and trying to figure out the best, cheapest, and most reliable web hosting company in Nigeria? I am sure by the time you are through with this article; you will be well informed on the 5 top cheap web hosting in Nigeria and how to make the best choice.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting can be said to be a type of internet hosting service that allows your website to be accessible on the World Wide Web. This service is provided by different web hosting companies who provide space on a server that they sell or lease to you as a client. They also provide internet connectivity mainly in a data center. 

It will interest you to know that gone are the days when Nigeria didn’t have web hosting companies, but things have now changed. There is also this perception that Nigerian web hosting companies are just resellers. However, the truth is that most have their data center right here are in Nigeria.

It is important to note that web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity, typically in their data center known as colocation. Even though this service was already in use in 1991, it wasn’t widely available till around 1995 due to the heavy costs and machinery used to operate it.

One of the features you will need to look out for when choosing a web hosting company is their server performance which will let you know the possibility that your website will run well with them. 

Other unique features are the disc space and bandwidth. Before you patronize any company, you want to be sure they can handle the type of project you want to do. Ease of migration is very key as well. Hence, you want to make sure it will not be stressful to change your domain whenever you want to. 

I will share some top cheap hosting in Nigeria with you. So, if you are planning to launch your website in Nigeria, these are some of the reliable Nigerian hosting companies you should check out.

1. Whogohost

Whogohost is one of the cheap Web Hosting companies in Nigeria. It is very exceptional, engaging, and goes the extra mile compared to the other hosting companies. They have a monthly plan system at the rate of N500 with 2 GB space and 10 GB bandwidth. They have wonderful customer support as well as excellent after-sales service. They also engage with developers and host online seminars and events. Whogohost does so much in the developer’s community and offers free domain registration, but it is limited to the “.ng” domain extensions.

2. Host Now Now:

I recommend this company because it is cheap and affordable. They have a monthly plan that starts at N250, with 2 GB disc space, and 4 GB bandwidth. This configuration is good for a start.

3. Web4africa:

They have a monthly plan that starts at N700. It will interest you to know that web4africa is one of the oldest web hosting companies in Nigeria. They offer a N700 per month charge and have a configuration of 2 GB disc space and unlimited bandwidth.

4. Qservers:

Qservers is one of the Top Cheap Web Hosting in Nigeria. They have a monthly plan that starts at N450 with a 2 GB disc space and 8 GB bandwidth. It is a very efficient site, and their response is good.

5. Garanntor:

They have a monthly plan that goes for the rate of N200 with 2 GB disc space and 10 GB bandwidth. One special thing about them is that they have a data center right here in Nigeria.


One of the pros of hosting your website with a Nigerian company is affordability. Many Nigerian web hosting companies are very cheap compared to their foreign counterparts. You can also rank on search engines for keywords that are being searched for in Nigeria. 

This is because search engines can reach where your website is being hosted from and once they know your website is being hosted from Nigeria, they feel your business actually serves a Nigerian audience. Hence, most times when people from Nigeria search for something, your website is very likely to rank high in that search.

You have a better chance of ranking for that keyword on search engines than a website that is hosted on a foreign web hosting company. Another advantage is that you can pay in naira with your bank debit cards online or go to any of the local banks to pay into the accounts of the hosting companies.

Another plus is that the “.ng” domain names are easily gotten when you use a Nigerian web hosting company. You will also enjoy the stability of renewal prices because they hardly fluctuate, unlike the international domains which are easily affected by the dollar market. 

Now that you have this information, you can go ahead and confidently use any of these cheap Nigerian web hosting companies because they are cheap, affordable, reliable and customer friendly.

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