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Top 11 Affiliate Marketing Blogs You Should Follow

Affiliate marketing, in simple terms, is a type of marketing where you earn a commission by promoting other companies or individuals’ products and services on your platforms by adding special links to those products and services in your content. 

When your readers click those links and purchase the products, you get a cut of the profit from the merchants. So, you can call affiliate marketing commissions sales. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you really do not need any marketing experience because you can do it in your free time. And yes, it’s a great way to make passive income.

Blogs have become interested in publishing content that relates to affiliate marketing and a good affiliate marketing blog offers in-depth analysis such as how-to guides, industry trends, handy statistics, strategy papers, insights, best tools for affiliate marketing professionals and so much more. 

I have compiled a list of affiliate marketing blogs that can help you get the right information, save time and attain the success you so deeply desire in affiliate marketing.

1. Mobidea Academy

If you are the type that loves tips and news focusing on technology and want to know more about succeeding in the affiliate industry, this is one of the top affiliate marketing blogs you should follow. It is a Mobile Affiliate Network that focuses on Cost-Per-Acquisition advertising. Its major products are Mobidea Academy, Mobidea Push Ads, and Mobidea Spy Tools.

2. John Chow

I listed John Chow because his blog has a wide coverage of affiliate marketing topics ranging from cars, video uploads, technology, fine dining, etc. His content is also easily accessible on YouTube and Twitter.

3. Alpha Investors

Alpha Investors is also one of the top affiliate marketing blogs to follow due to the wide range of topics it covers which will be useful for you as an affiliate marketer. The contents include email marketing, content marketing, and purchase and sales of websites. They also offer live cases for readers to learn from. One of its biggest advantages is its great readable adaptability to any device you use such as desktop, laptop, tablet, phones, etc. and it covers topics in great depth.

4. Charles Ngo

This blog assists new affiliate marketers by offering them an automated system to build their blogs and manage their affiliates. The aim is to provide resources to new affiliate marketers that help them reach their end goal which is to earn money. Charles Ngo’s blog can be accessed on Twitter.

5. Smart Passive Income (SPI)

Are you a new affiliate marketer trying to learn more about affiliate marketing, business development, email marketing, personal development, book publishing, digital marketing, online courses, and podcasting? Then follow Pat Flynn’s smart passive income blog is one of the top affiliate marketing blogs to follow. Learning resources concerning these topics are available in SPI’s learning section.

The blog also has a section where they promote networking via webinars, workshops, announcements, and speaking sessions. If you are more of a listener, you can join the program through the SPI Podcast with Pat Flynn and AskPat 2.0. Some of their major products include their courses, tools, and books. Smart passive income’s blog can also be easily accessed on Twitter.

6. Adam Reimer Marketing

Adam Reimer’s marketing blog is one of the top-ranked blogs right now and his blog covers most areas of online marketing. Furthermore, he’s a speaker at affiliate summits, think tanks, PubCon, etc. He uses his blog to reach out to his readers to share his wealth of knowledge.

7. Shoe Money

This blog is owned by a guy called Jeremy Shoemaker. You will learn everything you need to know about online marketing from him. His blog has been ranked by TECHNORATI as one of the top 50 blogs in affiliate marketing. Shoe money’s blog can also be found on Twitter.

8. Shoutmeloud

This is one of the best blogs out there for new affiliate marketers to learn from and start their online careers. It is an award-winning blog that is passionate about teaching you how to be financially independent by creating a career with blogging. The blog also covers topics like WordPress and SEO, etc. Shout Me Loud blog is also easily accessible on Twitter.

9. Affiliate Valley

Affiliate Valley is a top affiliate marketing blog to follow. It focuses on advising affiliate marketers to make the right decisions such as how to drive traffic and make money online. You can rest assured of getting the best techniques and most effective strategies which you, as a young entrepreneur, can use to improve your online business and increase your sales.

10. Affilorama

The affilorama blog is one of those blogs that updates you about what’s happening in the affiliate marketing world with regular tips. They also have a free training course. This blog is perfect for beginners because it will show you how to use free low-cost methods to do almost everything you can do in the world of affiliate marketing

11. Rae Hoffman

Rae Hoffman is one of the few ladies in the industry doing it big. She is an affiliate marketer who happens to be a blogger, speaker, auditor, and writer at the same time. Talk about being multi-talented. She is the owner of SUGAREE, co-owner of PUSHFIRE, and an adept expert in viral marketing.


Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways for you to earn money online right now, and to do that successfully, you will want to learn from the pros – those people who have been doing it for a long time and are already earning from it. 

It may be hard or almost impossible to meet these people one on one, however, most of these high earners have blogs you can easily follow to learn how they do it. 

There are thousands of affiliate marketers with thousands of blogs but you might find it very stressful to narrow down to the one that is just right for you. 

In this article, I have shown you the top affiliate marketing blogs in different industries you can follow to kick start your dream of being a top high earner in affiliate marketing. 

I would strongly advise you to follow any of these affiliate marketing experts’ blogs, learn from them, study their patterns, analyze their blogs objectively and look at how they work. If you do this, I am sure, in no time, you will become one of the experts other beginners might just look out for.

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