10 Best Social Media Sites For Marketing

The emergence of social media sites has made it easy for marketers in any industry to reach new customers. But choosing the best networks for business growth can be challenging.

Let’s look at the 10 best social media sites for marketing that every marketer should know, their target audiences, and which goals they help you achieve.

1. Facebook

Arguably the largest and most popular social media network, Facebook boasts more than 2 million active monthly users. It is also one of the first sites that offer you advertising options for your business.

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With a little budget and a Facebook business page, your company or brand can reach millions of users across the globe with your marketing campaigns. It becomes imperative that businesses should not just have a presence on the site but also respond to their market questions and concerns.

If you’re looking for only one social media site for your business marketing purpose, Facebook is the way to go.

2. Pinterest

Simply speaking, if you run an eCommerce business and you’re not on Pinterest, then you need to reconsider. The platform allows you to upload product photos with a short product description and a link to a product page. It also has a built-in shopping feature that makes it easier for businesses to promote their products on the network.


You can also use rich pins to provide more context to a product, recipe, article and use their advertising options to reach more users. It’s an easy way to drive traffic directly to your product pages and connect with potential customers. With over 400 million users every month, Pinterest makes good sense for marketing.

3. Instagram

Instagram is the best social media platform for businesses that especially create photos and videos for their audiences.

Though it is not a text-heavy site, it is a valuable tool for building your brand’s identity as a Business-to-Customer or B2C company. You can do that by sharing photos and videos of your products and encourage your followers to do the same for user-generated content. 


If you’re a Business-to-Business (B2B) company, you can connect with your audience by sharing intriguing, behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your business operations with them.

If you want to reach a wider audience organically with your marketing, use trending and relevant hashtags. You can also take advantage of Instagram stories or Instagram Live video features to promote your business.

In addition, Instagram offers advertising options for businesses. Just part with a few dollars to run sponsored posts and see your business spread to Instagram’s monthly active user-base of over 1 billion.

4. Reddit 

You need Reddit to understand your audience’s interests by creating marketing content that will appeal to them.


With over 400 million active monthly users, Reddit is a social media site that offers users opportunities to interact based on shared interests and share contents, links, and ideas.

In addition to being a research tool, Reddit also offers you the chance to advertise your business to interested users.

5. Snapchat

If your audience primarily comprises younger people, then Snapchat should be on your marketing tool list. 

Snapchat gives you the opportunity to post marketing photos or videos that stay published for 24 hours before disappearing. This is beneficial especially if your business wants to promote a timely event, such as a product launch or conference.

Snapchat gives marketers the ability to create custom, branded geotags to promote certain events in real-time, around certain locations, during a certain period.

Take advantage of over 230 million active monthly users on Snapchat to promote your business to the younger social media demographic.

6. Quora

Quora is advantageous for understanding your audience’s problems when they ask questions on various topics on the site. Your marketing team can use these questions to create content that provides solutions to your audience’s problems. With an active monthly user-base of 300 million, Quora also allows you to advertise to targeted audiences.

7. WhatsApp

One of the biggest and best instant messaging social networks, WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, allows you to communicate with prospective and existing clients and customers. 

The WhatsApp business allows you to create a business profile, create catalogues of their products and services, respond to messages from customers, and automate some of the messaging. Over 2 billion global users are on the WhatsApp platform. This number is beneficial for marketing.

8. Messenger

Messenger, another of Facebook’s social media sites, allows you to communicate one-on-one with interested users out of the over 1 billion registered users.

With messenger, you can respond to users’ messages personally or use a chatbot to respond to inquiries quickly. Messenger chatbots make automation of business operations like shipment tracking and booking appointments more possible.

9. TikTok

As a marketer, you can get creative by sharing short, captivating marketing videos to over 680 million global users on TikTok. In addition to sharing videos related to your business, you can also take advantage of Tiktok’s advertising options for your business.

10. Twitter

Twitter allows you to share news and information about your business. Because of this feature, it can be especially beneficial for companies who publish original content regularly. It permits you to share links to new pages and blog posts that regularly send readers directly to your new content. Twitter has more than 180 million monetizable daily active users. 


You may be tempted to use them all, but not all platforms are suited for business. Your business’s target audience also determines the social network you should use because you need to meet them where they are.

Though many social media sites exist out there, finding the ones that will effectively meet your business’s marketing needs is important and determines the success of your business.

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