7 Best Ways To Use Social Media For Marketing

Social media marketing, which is no longer optional for businesses today, is vital if you want to get more cash from your existing customers and clients and acquire new ones. 

However, the proper strategies should be applied if you would like to get the specified result. If you’re currently using social media to promote your business but not seeing the result you desire, follow the seven marketing tips and techniques I have got outlined below, and you’ll get on your move to achieving sustainable growth. 

1. Set up profiles on several social media

If you have got a Facebook page for your business, that’s great. But Facebook alone isn’t enough to satisfy your marketing needs. You wish to determine a presence on as many social platforms as possible, but you must have your audience in mind. For example, LinkedIn is more beneficial to B2B companies. That’s because 80% of leads generated by B2B brands come from LinkedIn. But if your business is trying to get leads from Baby Boomers, you might need to prioritise Snapchat. 

2. Clearly define your marketing goals 

Posting content regularly without a goal in mind is like shooting sporadically without aiming. It’s difficult to hit a target. Before you upload content, you would want to define your marketing goals first — lead generation, brand awareness, customer engagement, etc. 

3. Upload content every day 

Now that you have a social media profile on multiple platforms, you have to make those accounts active. No one wants to follow a business account that only posts content once a month. What’s the purpose of following a brand that doesn’t post content? People won’t just navigate to your page or buy your products and services on their own. Your new content, which will appear on their homepages and timelines, will attract them. 

When you post regularly, it will be easier for you to form an enduring impression on your followers and beat the competition. Each time you post new content, you remind your followers that your brand exists. 

When they need or want whatever you’re offering, they’ll consider your company. In addition to posting content daily, it’s also important for you to reply to your customers. I’m talking about direct messages in addition to comments. 48% of consumers say that when an organisation is responsive on social media, it’ll prompt them to form a buying deal. 

4. Use social media influencers 

Do you know you’ll be able to multiply sales of your products and services by getting a popular person to post something about your business on their pages? 

Influencer marketing is becoming the fastest growing method for customer acquisition within the digital world. By paying them some amount of money or offering them free products, you’ll be able to get these influencers to post about your brand to their many followers. 

5. Consider automation tools 

Using chatbots and automation tools like Buffer and Hootsuite will allow you to schedule your posts beforehand. You’ll take your time to schedule dates and times for your future posts. With automation, you don’t have to make posts regularly. The automation tools handle the responsibilities on your behalf — scheduling posts, responding to requests promptly and taking orders. 

6. Stream live videos 

Different social media platforms offer a myriad of live-streaming features; however, the foremost popular are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Basically, your live stream will boost your engagement metrics, offer you a more credible communication with your audience, and be a good distribution method for product demonstrations, events, or Q&A sessions. 

Live-streaming gives your audience a peep into the behind-the-scenes operations of your business. It gives them a tour of your production facility, office and introduces them to your staff. Doing this can make them feel they are seeing something that is exclusive and ultimately bring them closer to your brand. 

Hence, your live audience will be ready to make comments on your stream in real-time. Ensure you acknowledge those comments and reply your followers. 

7. Sponsor social media posts 

As a business person, you need to have heard the maxim that says ‘spend money to create money’. In marketing, numbers matter a lot. Facebook and Instagram, for example, offer limited reach until you opt for a sponsored post feature. 

Thus, if you would like your business to spread to a wider audience beyond your organic followers, you should spend some money to succeed in attracting them. 


No gainsaying, your business must use social media to remain relevant in today’s business world. Just having a Facebook profile alone is no longer acceptable if you wish to maximise your social media marketing proficiency. 

Create profiles on multiple platforms as long as your target market is active on those channels. You need to also post content on a daily basis. Just ensure your posts are all associated with your clearly established marketing goals. 

Your profiles have to be appealing to consumers so that you can successfully run campaigns designed to urge more followers. 

To further extend your reach, you need to find social influencers to market your business or make live broadcasts a component of your social media marketing strategy. 

If you don’t have time to manage all of your social media pages, think about using automation tools. Follow the recommendations I have outlined in this guide, and it’ll take your business social media marketing strategy a notch higher.

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