How To Make Money from Jumia Affiliate Marketing

As you probably already know, Jumia is one of the most successful online market platforms in Nigeria and other parts of the world. A lot of people also buy different products from Jumia every day. 

It will interest you to know that a vast majority of these purchases are made through affiliates and sales agents working with Jumia. After every successful purchase by referrals from agents and affiliates, they earn money. It will interest you to know that these affiliates and agents are regular people like you.

The only thing that differentiates you from them right now is that they have come across a piece of information that you haven’t gotten. But that is all about to change right now. 

Jumia Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever gone to the market with your friends, and while you were walking around, you saw an item that you thought would be good for them, so you convinced them to buy it? 

Well, unknown to you, you just did some affiliate marketing for your friend and played the role of an affiliate to the seller of that item. You probably did not even get rewarded by the seller for recommending their product to your friends, but do you know if you did this same thing for Jumia, you are going to get rewarded!

As a Jumia affiliate, you want to make money for Jumia as well as yourself, and the big bucks start rolling in when you repeatedly make sales with your Jumia affiliate links and ID. 

How To Become A Jumia Affiliate And What You Do As A Jumia Affiliate

Jumia is looking for individuals like you who would act as agents or affiliates on their behalf. If you want to be one of these agents or affiliates, your job description is pretty straightforward. You will have to promote Jumia products to the public and influence them to purchase something. In doing so, you earn commissions on every successful purchase those you recommend make. Follow the following steps to become a Jumia affiliate.

1. Sign Up

All you need to become a Jumia affiliate is to use this link With this link, you can register on Jumia and apply as an affiliate, and if your application is accepted, a confirmation email will be sent to you. After Jumia has verified you as an affiliate member, some links will be provided to you, which will allow you to promote the items or products from Jumia’s online store.

2. Generate Your ID

The next step will require you to generate your Jumia affiliate ID. To generate this ID, you will need to access the Jumia affiliate dashboard and follow the instructions, which are quite straightforward. 

If you promote one of Jumia products with just the link and exempt the ID, you will not get paid any commission. So, do not forget to generate your ID when promoting products for Jumia on your social media or website. 

3. Share Your Link

Every product on Jumia has its designated link. To get this link, you would need to search for the particular product you want to promote for Jumia and copy the link.

You attract your audience’s attention to your link by sharing it on your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Any member of your audience who wants to purchase one of the products you are marketing for Jumia will make their purchase by clicking your link.

You need to note that once a member of your audience clicks on your link, it registers on the Jumia server; a cookie with a 30-day lifespan is automatically stored on the customer’s device, and if that customer makes any purchase within those 30 days, the purchase will be credited to you. 

4. Get Your Commissions

Jumia will pay you a 9% commission of the purchased product or more, depending on the product you sold. Jumia pays its affiliates a monthly minimum amount of N5000. If your monthly sales have not amounted to N5000, it would be carried over and added to your next month’s commissions.

Ways To Utilize Jumia Links

Your social media platforms are tools that you can use to start your promotion. I will tell you some ways to utilize social media to your advantage and boost your sales.

1. Facebook

Facebook is a social media app that almost everyone on planet earth knows. Billions of people use Facebook daily, so this is a good avenue to utilize and boost sales. Facebook has an advantage over other social Media because it has many channels you can use to promote your products, such as direct messages, Facebook ads, creating groups, and directly engaging other users’ profiles. All you have to do is open a profile on Facebook and start marketing your products to the billions of users using Facebook.

2. Twitter

Twitter is another social media platform that is wonderful for showcasing your products. Twitter is a bit more difficult than Facebook. With Twitter, you have to build up your followers because only people who follow you on the app will likely see what you are promoting. You could also subscribe to Twitter ads to reach a wide variety of audiences faster.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social media platform commonly used by the younger generation. It has great business tools that you can use to your benefit when promoting your products, but like Twitter, it relies a lot on building a massive followership. Paid ads are also available for a wider audience reach.


Becoming a Jumia affiliate could be a good idea if you have been thinking of a side hustle that will bring some extra money into your pockets. 

The great thing about Jumia affiliate marketing is that you are your boss, you set your working time, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to affiliate marketing. You only need to be creative. Aim to sell products and think of any legal means to achieve this goal as an affiliate. Good luck to you as you start as soon as possible.

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