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Free SEO Tools

Have you ever seen your website appearing on the 10th page when people search for your  contents on Google? It can be frustrating, I tell you. (Do you know there are free seo tools to help take out this frustration?).

That implies you are not reaching out to anyone because an average person does not have the patience to keep clicking “next page” when they are searching some kind of information on Google.

Averagely, over ninety percent of people in the world who decide to search out content on Google will only stick to the first page of the search result. 

Of the ninety percent, you can be sure that over 50 percent will not even bother to look beyond the first three contents they can click on. Now, you understand why your business is not doing well or why your content is not making waves. The reason is simple; you have not used the right tools.

why seo is important

Ask me, what tools? It is your SEO tool. Yes, it is the right SEO tool that can help bring your website from the tenth page to the page and even make it the first result on the page.

When anyone comes searching for anything on Google and it is within your scope, your content is the first they get to see. Isn’t that awesome? But it comes with a price and the price is free.

Do you want to increase your page rank organically? Do you want to increase your site position? Perhaps you are already thinking of how to generate traffic on your website.

Before you use these amazing free SEO tools, you first need to be able to optimize your website through keywords, backlinks and a good design. Read on!

How to position your site for a good rank

1. Effective keywords

One effective way to increase your site position and page rank is the use of SEO known as Search Engine Optimization. 

To use these free SEO tools, you need to understand that what determines your site positioning and page rank is important. 

For every website, there is a ranking system for specific keywords which will in turn, determine the positioning of your site. For this to be achievable, there are two key things to work on – keywords and backlinks.

Keywords are what allows your website to be accessible to Google. An effective keyword is an on-site SEO that helps in optimizing your website. Using effective keywords will earn you an engaged audience, increased conversion, and good marketing trend insight. It is only imperative that you use effective keywords related to the article you desire to show to more people. Doing this will maintain your audience’s attention.

While keywords are an on-site SEO tool that can help to optimize your website, quality backlinks are off-site SEO that helps optimize your content. Usually, these backlinks are created to your website from other sources.

In other words, backlinks determine your site’s relevancy since backlinked websites are seen to be more relevant by most search engines. 

Your website or the page will be ranked based on the quality of backlinks you adopt on your site from other websites. Beyond backlinking other websites, you can also make your website’s link available to be backlinked by other websites. If a highly influential website links back to your website, there is going to be a long-lasting effect of it on your website as it will improve your search result ranking.

3. A good website

It is not enough to have your site or business reach the first page of the search engine. Since the goal of every business is to have ideal customers through the contents, they create, having a well-designed website will also help optimize your page and, at the same time, win your ideal customers. 

A well-designed website will not only make you to be easily accessible to Google, but it will also attract your ideal customers. A well-designed website will include your contact information, and other details that you think can help boost your page. Having well-cultured staff to serve as customer service in case of any inquiries will also add to your rating.

Now that you have known what it takes to position your site for ranking, let’s check some free SEO tools below:

SEO free tools

There are many SEO tools used by experts in investigating the potentiality of having a particular web page highly placed on search engine most ranking pages. They include

  • Ahrefs,
  • KWFinder,
  • Ubersuggest,
  • SEO keyword tool,
  • Google Search Console, a top SEO tool,
  • SEMRush, a marketing SEO tool,
  • Woorank, a ranking tool, and
  • Majestic,
  • Moz Pro, among others.

There are, however, other free SEO tools that you can use to boost the quality of your page. These free SEO tools will help denude spheres of opportunity and discover issues that may refrain your web page from earning visibility in popular search engines. Below are a few:

  • Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test can help prepare your site ready to be easily accessed using a mobile device.
  • Animalz Revive can facilitate and refurbish the already existing body of content.
  • CanIRank can help you to determine if a keyword can be considered for ranking or not.
  • SpyFu is another great free SEO tool that will give credibility to your web page and earn your page a top ranking.
  • Seed Keywords will also help you find new keyword ideas for your page.
  • Exploding Topics will introduce you to well searched keywords that will earn your page a top ranking.
  • SEObility will help you with great site analysis.
  • Answer The Public helps you get over a hundred keyword ideas that can be used on your website.

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People will rather choose to rephrase or adjust their terms when searching the internet than keep checking out subsequent pages. The reason is, they believe that once a page is not coming up on the first page, there is every probability that your website or business does not exist. Why not promote your website or business by using these available free SEO tools? You will thank me later. Good luck as you use them.

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