advanced seo tools

Advanced SEO tools

What do you do as soon as you’ve become proficient at basic Search engine optimization tools? Advanced SEO tools are the next step. If you are just a beginner, you can check out the free seo tools you can get started with.

Should you ask what advanced SEO is, it is the set of SEO tools that call for some degree of technical know-how. Advanced SEO involves techniques and concepts that need a deeper understanding of the workings of search engine algorithms.

The word “advanced” is subjective and is relative. While some people get a hold of it easily, some others find it difficult. The good news is that you can become skilled at it by diligently learning it. 

Here are a few SEO tools you can use in their elevated mode. 

1. Google Analytics: 

Google Analytics has always been one of the advanced seo tools for anyone that wants to know the words that send traffic to his website. It is a great monitoring tool for your site activity, transformation, and catchphrase.

advanced seo tools - google analytics

Google Analytics is popular with both amateurs and experts because it is a free tool. However, the tool might be a bit puzzling at first. This is the main reason a lot of amateurs steer clear of its confounding nature until they have learned it is a very great tool. 

2. Google AdWords keyword tool: 

This is a tool that has been around for a while and has been used by people who want to rank higher on Google. It is a practical catchphrase explore tool. It creates reports that show the monthly cost per click worldwide, opposition, and the nearby monthly catchphrase you try. This is the reason professionals use this tool for their exploration. 

3. Google PageSpeed Insights: 

The name says it all. This tool is mainly used to gain insights into the speed of the pages of your site. The number of internet users rises daily. While it is a good thing that the potential traffic to your site increases daily, this also reduces the performance of the website as more stress is placed on your resources.

google page speed insights

This allows you to understand, monitor, and optimize the performance of your site in terms of load time and functionality. It is a great tool to view your website in the way that Google sees your web pages. 

4. Google webmaster tools: 

This is a search console tool by google. This tool allows you to have an idea of how much your catchphrases are clicked. It also shows you the number of pages of your site that are listed. It also shows you which of your backlinks are dynamic.

5. Bing Webmaster Tools: 

Google webmaster tools are geared towards advertisers that focus on the Google search engine. While google drives a large chunk of traffic, there are also a few other prominent search engines. Bing has been gaining ground and professionals have also been taping into this. You can use Bing webmaster tools with Google webmaster tools to build your ranking on Bing, Google as well as Yahoo. The paid version of these tools combines the functions of all the individual free tools into one which makes optimization easier. 

6. Open site explorer: 

This free tool is handy to rank high on Google’s query returns. It is a great tool if you are working with backlinks. Open site explorer will help you discover sites from which you can get backlinks to your site. You could also get insight into optimization through rival backlink inquiries. This allows you to level the grounds by getting the same backlinks as your competitors.

7. Yoast SEO: 

Yoast SEO is the best when it comes to optimizing WordPress for search engines. Yoast provides a collection of tools that can save you a lot of time when creating content optimized for search engines. This is evident in Yoast’s goal ‘to help people succeed online with great articles written by that passionate about their work’. The tool makes optimizing your images, contents, and pages easy. It optimizes your image Alt text, Title Tags, and Site Speed for a better rank by Google.

8. PageRank Status: 

Professionals know that the rank of their page on search engines is a yardstick to measure their progress. You have to keep an eye on your rank as well as the rank of your competitors on search engines. PageRank makes viewing your current rank easy. The arrangement of the details makes it simple and seamless to use. It also offers a program extension that you can use with your web browser to view the PageRank of the site you visit.

9. Rank Math: 

With more than a quarter of a million installs, Rank Math is the go-to SEO optimization tool for professionals on WordPress. It is a very handy tool to make your site more visible on search engines. Its features include keyword monitoring and a rank checker. The rank checker is a great tool to ensure the smooth running of all your plugins to ensure there is no interference. 

10. SEMrush: 

SEMrush is an easy-to-use yet powerful SEO tool. It supplies all you need to know to rank higher in Google search results.  This is a versatile tool used by professional online marketers. Its features include keyword research, detailed research report on organic traffic sources, keyword difficulty rating system, details about competitors backlinks and social media followers, access to competitor’s domain metrics, and technical SEO auditing. The free subscriptions make it a popular tool with both basic and advanced users. 

These are advanced SEO tools you can use to make your site more visible and rank higher on search results. Good luck with your site as you work with them.

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