seo tools for content writing

SEO tools for content writing

SEO tools for content writing are those tools that help your SEO content writing rank high in search engine listings. Some of these tools are free, while some have to be paid for. There are also tutorials online to assist you in using these tools.

Why do you need SEO tools for content writing?

SEO tools for content writing help you assess your content; it reveals many things, such as errors that your eyes will find impossible to notice. It makes your content a lot better by checking the grammar and spelling, using keywords, fitting your content to your target audience, and telling you whether your content needs some brushing up.

Some popular SEO tools for content writing are Grammarly, plagiarism checker, readable, Hemingway editor, One Look, Google search console, word stream, etc. we will discuss some of these SEO tools for content writing below:


1. Plagiarism Checker

When it comes to content writing, the last thing you want is the same content as someone else. Search engines are very sensitive to this, so it is of utmost importance to ensure you have not deliberately or accidentally plagiarized another site’s content.  

That is why an SEO tool like a plagiarism checker is really important; it will save you the stress of making this error. You have to run your written content through it to verify that your content is not plagiarized.

2. Hemingway Editor

When writing content, you want to make sure your writing is as clear and accurate as possible. Your content must be perfectly written and readable. The clearer and more accurate your content, the higher the chances of ranking high in search engines. 

Hemingway Editor is an SEO tool that will help you achieve this effortlessly. It scrutinizes your content by checking for bad words, incomplete sentences, as well as other flaws, ensuring your content is as accurate as possible.

3. One Look

One of the mistakes you can easily make when writing content is repeating the same word. This error is more pronounced when you write about articles that cover the same topics. Search engines refer to this error as keyword stuffing.  

One Look is an SEO tool that helps you know when you have made this mistake in your content. One Look will identify this mistake and provide you with different but similar words you could use to replace the repeated words. It is usually referred to as a “reverse dictionary.”

4. Google Keyword Planner

The whole point of SEO content writing is for your content to appear at the top spots of search engines. To achieve this, you have to ensure that you have the same search terms or keywords people usually type when searching for content concerning what you are writing about. Keywords are a big part of these search terms, and Google keyword planner is exactly what you need to assist you with your keyword research. Google keyword planner basically assists you in researching and finding the right keywords that will put your content in the path of your target audience. All you need to do is put in the keyword or phrase in order to know the popularity of that keyword.

5. Demandjump

Demandjump is one of a kind SEO tool. It makes content writing easier than it has ever been. This tool virtually shows you the best route to take when creating content. It shows you what keywords to use, recommended headings and subheadings and a list of content to write on. You just need to type in the topic you want to write about.

6. Readable

Readable is an SEO tool that helps you judge if your readers will find the content you have written interesting or boring. It will actually score your content! It also helps you gauge your keyword density. It helps you analyze the readability of your written content. Your content is targeted at some specific readers, so readable lets you know if what you have written is appropriate for that audience.

7. Grammarly

Before you let your content go public, you want to ensure it is perfect. That is, you want it to rank high in search engines, have the right keywords, ensure the writing is of good quality etc. Grammarly is that special SEO tool that will easily help you achieve all this. Grammarly is an advanced writing assistant, double-checking your work for you to make sure it is perfect.

8. Wordstream

Wordstream is quite similar to Google keyword planner, but it is easier to use due to the stripped down version it offers. All you need to do is select your industry and input your location. There is a very noticeable orange button you will click. After clicking it, you will be provided with a list of keywords along with their search volumes on search engines like Google and Bing.

9. SEMRush

This SEO tool is very useful for analyzing backlinks, conducting research on keywords, and analyzing the performance and traffic of your website and competitors’ websites. This SEO tool couldn’t have been easier to use in discovering new markets and opportunities.

10. Yoast SEO

This SEO tool has a knack for providing that vital feedback with your content needs in real-time. It is a WordPress plug-in because it acts as a built-in checklist tool. It prompts you to complete the required SEO tasks for the content you write. It also makes suggestions for improvement and assists you in managing all details when you are doing on-page SEO with WordPress.


Seo content writing tools are very important. They guide you on every step you make when writing content. They give you the best quality of written content, provide the right keywords to be used, detect errors and save you time writing content for organic search. It is unwise to write content without them.

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