5 Amazing Benefits of using templates for email marketing

An email template is a hypertext markup language (HTML) that defines the structure and content of an email. It enables you to insert things like images and links into an email. Email templates are reusable, and using them for email marketing offers many benefits. Check out some below

1. Ease of customization:

Customization is easy when using templates. All you need to do is to insert images, colour, fonts, layout and so on.

It is very easy to customize because the templates already have a designated content which is easy to tweak by just adding the necessary things. There are different ways to customize email templates easily and without stress:

How to customize email templates

1. Choose an email template

Any email template you choose should be based on the kind of message you want to pass across e.g announcements, newsletters, or event invites. You should always consider the type of template that will pass the message across and complement the aim of your email.

2. Add a bold image

After selecting your template, remove the existing image and add a bold image to serve as a hero image. The image should be full-width across the screen and very bold. You can browse images but you must make sure the image tallies with the objective of the message you want to pass across.

3. Enhance your email

Simply enhance your email by cropping, colour correcting, lighting, resizing, and removing defects. After enhancing it, click on the Save button.

The alt text is the text or message that will display when a subscriber has automatically turned off images. Click on the image and add the alt text and probably a link that takes the subscriber directly to your website.

5. Adjust your templates

You can adjust your templates by adding or removing any content you think should be added or removed.

6. Add a call-to-action button

You can add a button that drives subscribers to your website by using the button option.

7. Check it out on the mobile preview

Before saving your templates, you need to check it out on the mobile preview.

8. Save and send

Save and send your templates to your email list appropriately. 

2. Attention-catchy:

Templates are visually appealing and easy to catch attention. Templates lure readers to read your information which should be passed across through attention-catchy templates. There are different ways to catch a reader’s attention:

How to catch a reader’s attention

  1. Pick the right templates – It is very important to choose the right templates. Ensure you choose the right template that suits your intention (the aim of writing the email).
  2. Choose a clean design – Choose a design that leads your reader to the path you want them to focus on.
  3. Create an attention-catchy header – Create a header that draws attention to itself. Your header might not look like a site but it should be something that draws the reader to the important elements of your message.
  4. Balance your image and text – The ratio of your image should be less than the text. Sometimes, most people use 60 percent of the text and 40 percent of images.
  5. Check out your email templates – Go through your email templates to be sure there is no mistake and you can as well allow a colleague to proofread it. Making an attention-catchy email is not an easy job. Just make sure you follow the steps above and you will get it right.

3. Time-saving:

Email templates help you input your details into an existing email and this saves you the time and stress of creating a template from the start. Email templates can be a saving grace if you find that you have a lot of work at hand. 

Using email templates is quick and easy since you only need to create the body and other minor information, attachments and subject line will be done after you have customized the template. 

Many people who work in marketing units spend lots of hours every week designing and creating email templates but it can take even more time if it requires testing, approval, and other processes. When you choose to use an email template, all of that extra time can you have when you’re done can be used for something else.

4. Consistency:

Email templates enable consistency. It helps a business brand to be consistent with the templates they use thereby making their subscribers recognize them with their choice of templates. Branding your emails does not just create a better experience for your subscribers, it also gives them a reason to stick around. With custom email templates, it becomes to give your business a positive, consistent brand experience that your subscribers will feel comfortable interacting with over and over.

5. Personalization:

Email personalization is the process of using the personal information of each member of your email list to create and send. The information and data you get from every individual in your email list can be used in your marketing strategy to create personalized emails that will create the feeling that you know the subscriber well enough. 

With your template already designed, all you have to do is plug in your content, including personalization and add basic personalization like subscriber’s name, location or weather. Email personalization helps you to increase sales and customer satisfaction by making it more focused on the individual. 

Personalization is a key benefit of email templates because, in every template, there is always room for personalization which helps email marketing to be effective. There are different tips to personalize your email:

Tips to personalizing your email

  • Divide your email list into smaller groups to the targeted individual.
  • Talk to each individual with their name. It adds a nice touch and helps your email to stand out.
  • Suggest relevant product that will help your customers.
  • Show your customers that they are valuable through personalization.
  • Include important dates of your recipient.
  • Use dynamic content in passing across your intentions.

In conclusion, email templates allow you to plug your content into an existing template saving you the time and stress involved in designing new emails from the scratch. The benefits of using an email template are numerous and very appealing. Use them for your email marketing today and enjoy these amazing benefits!

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