free email marketing softwares for your business

Free email marketing services/software for your business

Many trends have come and go while some never go out of vogue. Email is one of the few that has not gone out of vogue because of its effective ease to businesses. Email marketing has become pivotal in marketing strategy which has a strong influence on users because it works like magic.

An email user may decide to ignore your message but it still sits in the inbox waiting for an appropriate response. You might be wondering what email marketing is. Do not panic, I have all you want.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing. It is the use of email to help promote a product or brand. It creates awareness to everyone on your email list or subscribers of a particular business you are marketing. There are tons of free email marketing services/software that will help your business grow. These tools will help you design your email without stress:

  1. Sender
  2. Benchmark
  3. Mailerlite
  4. MailJet
  5. Email Octopus
  6. Hubspot Email Marketing
  7. Sendinblue
  8. Omnisend
  9. Moosend
  10. SendPulse
  11. MailChimp

Email Marketing Softwares

1. Sender: 

Sender is one of the free email marketing services which is well-known for its durability. It will not only help you to create beautiful newsletters but also help you track who opens your email.

Sender email marketing software

Another advantage is that you don’t need to know Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) before you can use it for business purposes. Sender is a good software that will help you in the creation of newsletters. You will also be able to set up transactional emails for your website and segment your email recipients by their latest activity. You could also export all collected data at any time.

2. Benchmark:

Benchmark is another tool that helps any email look great.


There are lots of templates which has already been designed for you to use and there is a dual view feature that helps you view your email as you design it.

3. MailerLite:

MailerLite looks extraordinary amongst all free email tools because of its features.  Some of the available tools are the landing page builder, the pop-up customizer and the drag-and-drop email builder.


MailerLite also allows you to run split tests on various designs of your email. This enables you to know what works best in terms of conversions and clicks.

4. MailJet:

This email marketing tool allows you to use dynamic content to create important individualized emails for each recipient. It also allows seamless collaboration for those working in a team.


You can integrate Mailjet into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and conveniently manage your mailing list through a single dashboard. Developers love MailJet because of its convenience, ease of usage, and its seamless ability to be integrated into different applications.

5. Email Octopus:

Email Octopus is an email marketing tool that runs on the Amazon SES infrastructure. Email Octopus does not offer many free features like the others but it allows you to send out unlimited emails to as many email addresses as possible. As a matter of fact, Email Octopus allows more email per month than most free email marketing software. It is a regular choice for entrepreneurs and small firms representing other brands. 

6. HubSpot 

The native interation of Hubspot other HubSpot tools like the free-forever CRM is what it is most known for. Hubspot also recently launched a free email marketing tool for small businesses.


It is known for its marketing automation and very easy to use. This email marketing service also has features like a drag-and-drop visual editor and some attractive readymade templates.

7. Sendinblue

It is easy to create amazing emails on Sendinblue. Features like A/B testing and a segmented recipient list can be used to take out the guesswork from your email. Sendinblue has over 60 design templates from which you can preview results.

8. Omnisend

Omnisend is a reliable marketing platform that allows you to design attractive newsletters using features like the Product Picker which allows you to select all the products you want to include in your email. It also enables you to conveniently time your communications with your customers. Omnisend helps a small business to grow steadily because of its free plan.

9. Moosend

This is an excellent email marketing software that saves you time. It is easy to use Moosend to design behavioural email campaigns and it has an advanced feature that sends highly accurate emails to each recipient, increasing Return On Investment (ROI).


Moosend provides a detailed campaign performance report so as to get better results. It can be integrated with some of your favourite apps to pass on significant information between various tools. It is also one of the few free email marketing tools that won’t include its logo in your emails, thereby making it real and unique.

10. SendPulse

SendPulse is a marketing platform with email marketing features that are most famous for lots of available designed email templates that you can easily customize using a drag-and-drop editor. These emails can be automatically sent out at the right time based on your preference or customer available times. There are also text fields to personalize your emails by date of birth, name, gender, age and nature of jobs. SendPulse has the unique feature of allowing you to analyze the click rates of each subscriber.

11. Mailchimp

MailChimp is an email marketing platform for almost any small business. Email design on MailChimp is without stress when using the content manager. It helps store images and files for easy access. MailChimp’s free plan provides marketing features like email scheduling and creation. MailChimp helps you manage your clients and customers.


The free email marketing tools available provide appeals to different segments of your target audience, saves time and money. Mailchimp also helps you to build stronger relationships with customers because you have an opportunity to send someone relevant content as soon as they join your email list. Free email marketing also helps you to increase sales for small businesses and other businesses.


To wrap it up, free email marketing is a great driver of sales because of its ability to help business(es) grow and market their products with unique features that are favourable to every firm.

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